A Natural Choice for Nurseries and Children's Rooms


nursery with natural paint, lime paint, zero-VOC Using natural paint is the perfect way to spruce up your nursery or child's room.  Natural paint colors can be vibrant (like our Vibrant Ultramarine Blue), subdued (like our Subtle Umber Red Brown), or anything in between.  Unearthed natural paint colors can be used to create soft and inviting spaces that are the perfect backdrop for napping, playing, and snuggling.  The colors of natural paint, which come from earth and mineral pigments, have a depth and radiance that can't be mimicked by conventional latex paints.  Best of all, you will have the comfort of knowing you are using the safest and most ecological sound products available.  



We can contribute to preserving the environment for future generations by the simple act of choosing natural paint.  Eco-friendly natural paint is made with minimally-processed, sustainable ingredients such as clay, lime, and reclaimed marble.  We strive to provide you the most environmentally-friendly paints on the market, and we are committed to doing our part to make the world a better place.  All Unearthed paints are made in a carbon-neutral factory.  



Made With Your Baby's Health in Mind

Conventional latex paint contains hundreds of chemicals, which small children may be particularly sensitive to, including VOCs and other harmful chemicals.  A recent study by a team of scientists from Harvard University and Sweden’s Karlstad University concluded that propylene glycol and glycol ethers (PGEs), chemicals that are blended into most water-based paints may also be responsible for several childhood allergies, including asthma, eczema, and nasal allergies.  Paint that is labeled “zero-VOC” may still contain up to 5 grams of VOCs per liter, even before tinting (tinting can add significantly more VOCs unless special zero-VOC colorants are used) .  VOCs or “volatile organic compounds” are chemicals that are typically used in conventional paints that evaporate into the air as the paints dry. This off-gassing can continue long after the paint is dry (as long as several years) and is a demonstrated health risk. All Unearthed products are 100% VOC-free and made with fully disclosed, natural ingredients. 


10 Tips For a Beautiful and Eco-Friendly Nursery  


1.   Need some color inspiration?  Look to an item you love (such as a painting or blanket) and use the colors from there.

Natural lime plaster, ultramarine blue

2.   Remember that babies grow very quickly.  Decorate your nursery in a way that will be easy to transition to a child's room to minimize the time and money of redecorating.  That "It's a Girl" wallpaper may look darling now, but will probably not seem very fitting in your 3-year-old's room.  Enduring decor is easy on your wallet and the environment too! 

3.  Natural paint can be used to either provide vibrant color or unimposing white or beige hues.  You can use a neutral background and add color with paintings, furniture, or a playful mobile.  

4.  Consider using our most durable paint (Lime Paint) for nurseries, as the walls may get some rough treatment once your baby gets older.  Lime Paint is naturally resistant to mold and bacteria growth because of its high alkalinity.  In fact, lime paint is even recommended by doctors in Germany for use in children's rooms.   

5.  Don't forget a comfortable rocking chair or couch.  Mothers (and fathers) spend many late nights feeding and comforting their little ones.  Make sure you have a comfy place to spend those long hours.    

6.  Keep it simple.  Before you clutter your room with tons of furniture, consider whether you really need it.  For example, many parents find that it is easier to change their baby's diaper on a pad on the floor than on a bulky changing table.   

7.  Look through your attic and dig out those long-lost family treasures.  A mass-produced print looks pretty uninspiring next to a watercolor that was hand painted by baby's great grandmother! 

8.  Try stenciling.  Unique designs in your favorite colors look terrific in nurseries.

Natural paint

9.  Stay true to your tastes.  Can't stand pink?  There's no reason to start covering your walls with it just because you're expecting a girl. Your nursery should reflect the style of your home, so if you're into modern design a traditional nursery probably isn't for you.  Your baby's nursery should be a soothing space for you too! 

10.  Colors we especially love for nurseries: Ultramarine Blue, Ultramarine Violet, Sun Yellow,  Ocher Gold, and white (especially white Lime Paint, which reflects light beautifully). 

Environmentally-friendly lime paint