Where are Unearthed products made? 

All of our products are made in Germany in a carbon-neutral factory.  

Are Unearthed products suitable for someone with chemical sensitivities?   

Many people with chemical sensitives have successfully used Unearthed products.  Each person is unique, however, so we always recommend that you read the full ingredient disclosure and purchase a sample size of the product to ensure that it will not be a problem for you. 

Do you offer color matching? 

No.  As a small company, we do not have the resources to offer color matching.  We also use a tinting system (natural earth and mineral pigments- NOT synthetic colorants) than conventional paints, so it's not always possible to get an exact match.  We are happy to offer you suggestions about colors and how to blend your own colors.

Do Unearthed products contain animal products?  Have they been tested on animals? 

Every one of our products, with the exception our two vegetarian products: Safflower Wax and Vega Primer, are suitable for vegans.  Our Safflower Wax contains beeswax and our Vega Primer, for now, contains milk casein. Our products are not tested on animals. 

What is your return policy? 

We gladly offer full refunds (excluding shipping) on returns of unopened products within 30 days of the date of purchase.  Please see our complete return policy for further details.

Do you ship internationally?    

No.  We only offer shipping to locations within the U.S.  We are the U.S. distributor of natural finishes manufactured by the German company, Kreidezeit.  If you are interested in our products, but reside outside of the U.S., please contact the Kreidezeit distributor in your country.  Kreidezeit products are available in Canada through Tockay, in the U.K. through Mike Wye and Associates and in Australia through The Natural Paint Company.    

How much will it cost to ship to my house?

Our shipping rates are determined by your order total. To learn more about shipping click here

Still have questions?  We are happy to help.  Email us at info@unearthedpaints.com