By Unearthed Paints


Unearthed paints and plasters are tinted with earth and mineral pigments- not the synthetic colorants typically found in conventional paints.  We seek out these naturally beautiful pigments around the world, where the unique regional geology creates one-of-a-kind colors based on the mineral composition of the rocks and soil.  For more information about what gives our pigments their rich colors, please see our guide, What are Natural Pigments?

All pigments can be blended and added to any of our white products up to the maximum amount allowed in the specification sheets (10% for paints and 5% for lime plasters).  

Using one pigment as the main color and a small amount of a secondary pigment to refine the color often leads to great results. For example, for a dark sparkling wall plaster, we use 5% Iron Oxide Black and 1% Ocher Red. The addition of red is hardly noticeable, but creates a much more interesting and warmer black. For the best results in our "warm concrete plaster" we use 3.5% Umber Natural.

Enjoy mixing your paints! Remember, the dry color will be much lighter than the wet color you see in the bucket when mixing. Natural products lighten when drying, but the opacity (coverage power) increases.

If mixing your own color seems overwhelming we do also offer premixed colors in our Clay Paint and Textured Clay Paint lines. 

Click here for a pdf of our pigment colors and how they look mixed with a white base

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