All Unearthed paints are tinted with earth and mineral pigments.  These pigments give our paint a depth and radiance that cannot be mimicked by the chemical colorants used in conventional paints.   

Natural earth and mineral pigments- ochers, umbers, spinels, ultramarines

Choosing your pigment

We carry 24 different pigments shown in vibrant, medium and subtle shades below. 

Using Pigments

All pigments can be blended and added to any of our white products up to the maximum amount allowed-10% for paints and 5% for  plasters. 

To tint white based paint or plaster, first thoroughly dissolve the pre-measured pigment packet separately in water.  Make sure that there are no clumps.  Set aside. Mix your paint or plaster in with it's designated amount of water using a paint stirrer attachment for an electric drill or a handheld kitchen mixer. Once mixed, pour the dissolved pigments in and stir well.

To determine how much pigment is needed for your project first choose a pigment. Then decide if you desire the most vibrant shade of that pigment, a medium shade or a very subtle shade. Once decided, see the chart below to determine how much pigment is actually needed for your project.