Naked Floor Hard Wax Oil FAQs

Do I need to prep my wood before applying?

Yes, the wood should be clean, untreated, and sanded. To achieve this, clean and sand (grit 120-grit 180) untreated wood, round off edges and remove dust.

How important is it to wipe of excess oil after 20-30 minutes?

VERY. We can not stress this enough. This is the biggest mistake consumers make when using the Hard Wax Oil. If this step is skipped or delayed, the oil starts to harden and form a layer on top of the wood, creating an uneven surface. You will then have to sand the excess wax off and start over again. Keep in mind the drying time may be shorter at higher elevations, or if applying in direct sun. 

Any special care afterwards?

Sweep/vacuum only with a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner with extended floor brush. Never use hot water for wiping, only use lukewarm water. Use only soft, cotton wipes. Do not use microfiber cloths or pads as they will wear away the oil. Remove liquid stains immediately, do not let them dry. Care/reconditioning with Carnauba Wax EmulsionClean sparingly with natural soap only when necessary.

Can I spot repair?

For repair of conventional floor finishes, the floor must first be entirely sanded down. If the floor’s original finish was done with Hard Wax Oil, simply sand the area in need and reapply the Hard Wax Oil.

I see the warning signs on the packaging, what steps should I take to ensure safety?

Hard Wax Oil contains natural oils that may self-ignite while drying. That being said, please use extreme caution while using this product.  Cloths used to apply the product must be spread out to dry in a firesafe location or sealed in an airtight glass container. Bunching the saturated cloth will increase the risk of self-ignition. Do not throw cloths soaked with Hard Wax Oil directly in the garbage. Only once they have dried can the cloths be disposed of in the garbage.

Is Hard Wax Oil safe to use on food products, i.e. cutting boards, counters?

Yes, as long as you’re not allergic to the ingredients in the Hard Wax Oil.

What kind of coverage should I expect?

Coverage will vary based on the absorbency of the wood (for example, porous woods such as pine will require significantly more Hard Wax Oil than a hard cherry wood).  Cork requires even more.  Average coverage amount is 420 square feet per 2.5 liters.


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