About Unearthed Natural Paints

un·earth, verb, \ˌən-ˈərth\:  1. to dig up out of the earth 2.  to bring to light or make public something hidden, lost, or kept secret

For thousands of years, people have been bringing rich color to their homes using natural paint recipes.  These tried and true techniques were largely forgotten with the success of the petrochemical paint industry during the post-World War II building boom.  Today, when you purchase a gallon of paint for your home -even low-VOC or zero-VOC paint- it is almost a given that you will be using a product that contains hundreds of chemicals and has been highly processed.  Many of the ingredients in conventional paints are derived from crude oil.  This manufacturing process is very energy-intensive and results in significant waste products that can potentially lead to environmental contamination.  

At Unearthed, our mission is to help people rediscover the beauty and performance of natural paint made with  ingredients such as earth and mineral pigments, clay, marble, lime, and chalk.  

These natural ingredients are harvested from the earth, with minimal processing and can return to their natural cycles at the end of the paint's useful life.  

We believe that consumers have a right to know what ingredients are in their paints.  We proudly list all the ingredients in our natural paint on the front of every label.  

We hope that other paint manufacturers will follow our lead so that consumers can make informed decisions about the paints they bring into their homes.

All of our natural paints are: 

  • 100% VOC-free (most "zero-VOC" paints still contain  a small amount of VOCs)
  • Made with minimally processed, natural ingredients
  • Vegan-all of our products (but one) contain no animal products and are never tested on animals 
  • Manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility
  • Biodegradable                                                                                                                   

Using zero-VOC, nontoxic natural paint

Unearthed Paints is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 2011 by husband and wife team Florian Speier and Jessica Pfohl.  Florian and Jessica run the small company from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where they live with their now 8-year-old daughter, Kaiya, 3-year-old daughter, Masumi, and their dog, Louis.  Frustrated with the greenwashing and lack of ingredient transparency in the paint industry, the couple founded Unearthed to provide consumers with the most sustainable, healthiest paints available on the market.  Unearthed natural paints have been used by many people in Germany and other countries around the world for almost 30 years (under the name Kreidezeit), and they are now available in the U.S. for the first time.