Pit Lime Paint - 1 gallon

Lime Paint leverages the natural multiple personalities of limestone.  With a proprietary manufacturing process, Unearthed Lime Paint has excellent adhesion and binding compared to other lime paints, essentially becoming a layer of limestone as it hardens on the painted surface. As with all Unearthed products, Lime Paint is made with pure, non-toxic ingredients and is 100% VOC free.

Unearthed Lime Paint embraces limestone's versatility with finishes that can work together or stand alone. Lime Paint alone has high light reflecting power, while tinted Lime Paint typically has slight variations in color following the direction of application, creating a slightly cloudy look.  Lime Paint's extensive range of finishes and earth and mineral pigment colors available makes it easy to create a look for virtually every taste and décor.  Lime Paint is also highly alkaline and therefore naturally resistant to fungus and mold growth, making it ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and children's rooms.  In fact, lime paint is recommended by doctors in Germany for use in nurseries and children's rooms because of its antibacterial qualities.  Unearthed Lime Paint received the highest rating of "very good" by the German environmental magazine, Oko Test, which was based on its performance and sustainability (under the name Kreidezeit).  

All Unearthed natural paints, including Lime Paint, are: 

         100% zero-VOC

         Made with minimally processed, natural ingredients

         Vegan- contain no animal products are never tested on animals 

         Shipped via carbon-offset transport 

         Manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility

         Accompanied by our Rainforest Pledge


         Accompanied by a full ingredient disclosure

Colors & Finish: 

Matte finish.  Tinted Lime Paint has subtle variations in color, creating a unique artisan finish.  When applied with a brush, rather than a sprayer, brush strokes are visible, providing a rich texture when viewed closely.  

Click here for a pdf of our Lime Paint colors.  Tinted with earth and mineral pigments.  You can also create your own unique colors by blending earth and mineral pigments (you can add up to  380 grams of pigments per gallon of lime paint).

*Please note that there may be some color inaccuracies due to variations in computer screens.  The best way to get an accurate color representation is to buy a sample size of the actual paint color you are considering.  You can also contact us for free printed color palettes and hand-painted swatches.


Typical coverage of one gallon is 200 square feet, per coat.  (Coverage will vary depending on surface.)  Best results are generally achieved with two coats. 

How to Use: 

Ships as a white liquid in 1 gallon buckets. Simply stir slightly before application, as minor separation is natural.  If you want tinted paint, just mix in the pre-measured powdered pigment packet.  Dissolve the pigments in water and then stir into the paint using a paint stirrer attachment for an electric drill or a handheld kitchen mixer.  Lime paint can be brushed on or sprayed on if applicator is previously experienced with spraying paint.  We do not recommend applying lime paint with a roller.  In most cases, you will want to dilute with approximately 5-10% water, which will extend coverage and provide a smoother finish.     

Please click here to download the detailed product description and application guide. 

We recommend priming highly absorbent surfaces (such as new drywall) and surfaces with varying levels of absorbency with Vega Primer.  


Marble pit lime, marble powder and sand, sinter water, methyl cellulose - and that’s it!

DO NOT ALLOW LIME PAINT TO FREEZE.  To ensure that your paint arrives undamaged during the winter months, we may include a disposable heat pack with your shipment.  Please make sure to bring your package indoors immediately upon arrival and store above freezing.


Pit Lime Paint - 1 gallon
Pit Lime Paint - 1 gallon
Pit Lime Paint - 1 gallon
Pit Lime Paint - 1 gallon
Pit Lime Paint - 1 gallon
Pit Lime Paint - 1 gallon
Pit Lime Paint - 1 gallon