Vega Primer

By Unearthed Paints


A colorless, transparent primer.  Suitable for priming walls before applying all Unearthed paints and plasters.  Made from natural, non-toxic ingredients and 100% VOC-free.   Sold as concentrated powder.  Just add water to make over 2 gallons, which covers 400-600 square feet.  

We recommend using Vega Primer when painting or plastering highly absorbent surfaces (such as untreated drywall).  Also recommend when painting or plastering surfaces of differing absorbency levels, to ensure a uniform paint finish.  Vega Primer is especially recommended over new drywall after the taping and joint compound to produce an evenly absorbing surface.

Full Ingredient Disclosure:

  • Casein
  • Soda


  • Coverage-400-600 sq. ft.
  • Contains milk casein-not suitable for vegans

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