Natural Paint Color Palettes

Unearthed natural paints are available in two color palettes, one for clay paints and roll-on plasters and one for all other products, including our lime paint, Vega (casein paint), Plant Glue Paint, and lime plasters. You can buy many products bundled with the amount of earth and mineral pigments you will need to create the color you select, or buy bulk pigments to mix your own unique colors.

Conventional paints are tinted with synthetic colorants, most of which which add VOCs to the white base paint.  This means that unless your paint store specifically says that it uses a no-VOC colorant system, your "zero-VOC" paint might actually contain quite a few VOCs after tinting.  All Unearthed natural earth and mineral pigments are 100% zero-VOC.  Our natural paints are environmentally friendly, zero-VOC, and nontoxic- in any color!


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*Please note that there may be some color inaccuracies due to variations in computer screens.  The best way to get an accurate color representation is to buy a sample size (35 g) of the actual paint color you are considering.  

Can't find your perfect color?  Mix your own!  Experiment with our bulk earth and mineral pigments and blend a color that is uniquely yours.  Unleash your inner artist. 

natural paint swatches, zero-VOC 

 The cost of your natural paint will vary depending on the color you select.  This is because the earth and mineral pigments we use to color Unearthed natural paints vary significantly in cost, and it is impossible for us to completely average out these differences.  In general, spinel and ultramarine colors will significantly add to the cost of your paint, especially if you choose the darkest shades.  Light shades of ochers and umbers will only minimally raise the price beyond the cost of the white base paint.   

The Clay Paint and Clay Roll-On Plaster colors are derived from blended earth and mineral pigments, and we have averaged pigment costs to create uniform pricing for these products.

Please see our guide to earth and mineral pigments for further information about what makes our pigments unique.