Smooth Lime Plaster

By Unearthed Paints


Unearthed Plasters provide a unique and elegant natural wall finish.  Smooth Lime Plaster is a thin top-coat plaster that is typically applied in thicknesses of 1 to 2 mm (about 1/32" to 1/16").  Maximum thickness per layer is 2mm (1/16" inch).  In most cases, only one layer is required.  It may be directly applied over drywall. Unearthed Mix-Ins can be added to the plaster to customize the look. Unearthed Lime Plasters are ideal for humid rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements or in humid climates because the naturally high alkalinity of lime inhibits fungus and bacteria growth.  Made with natural, nontoxic ingredients and 100% VOC-free.

All Unearthed natural lime plasters, including Smooth Lime Plaster, are: 

         100% zero-VOC

         Made with minimally processed, natural ingredients

         Vegan- contain no animal products are never tested on animals 

         Shipped via carbon-offset transport 

         Manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility

         Accompanied by our Rainforest Pledge


         Accompanied by a full ingredient disclosure 

Colors & Mix-Ins:

Tint with up to 5% (by weight) of all Unearthed earth and mineral pigments, which are sold separately here.  For example, you would achieve a Subtle (C) color by mixing 100 grams of pigment into 10kg of Smooth Lime Plaster.  The darkest shades would be achieved by 500 grams of pigment and 10kg of Smooth Lime Plaster.

To view the color palette, click here.  Please note that Smooth Lime Plaster may only be tinted with up to 5% pigments only (by weight), which means that only medium B+, B, and C shades are available  (B+=5%, B=3.5%, C=1%).

Customize you plaster wall by adding Muscovite Glimmer or Vermiculite Mix-Ins to Smooth Lime Plaster.  


Each 10kg bag covers approximately 74 square feet when applied at a thickness of 1/16th inch.

Each 2.5kg bag covers approximately 18.5 square feet when applied at a thickness of 1/16th inch.  

In most instances, only one coat is required.  

How to Use:

Ships as a white powder.  You just add water (and pigments if desired) and mix with a stirrer attachment for an electric drill.  Please click here to download the detailed product description and application guide. 

We recommend priming highly absorbent surfaces (such as new drywall) and surfaces with varying levels of absorbency with Vega Primer.  


Marble grain, marble flour, marble lime hydrate, cellulose, kaoline - and that’s it!

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