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October 2011 

And Unearthed Paints in the Press:  

Slow Fashioned, Unearthed Paints- Truly Natural.  July 27, 2011 

Ecolect, Biodegradable, vegan, and 100% VOC-free paint.

Pretty Little Green Things, Unearthed Paints.  September 4, 20111  

Jetson Green, Get Your Hue On With Unearthed Paints.  September 17, 2011

The Daily Camera, Louisville's Unearthed Paints hoping to make a splash with natural, vegan productsSeptember 23, 2011

PETA, The PETA Files.  October 6, 2011 

Renovation Headquarters, What is Natural Paint?  October 27, 2011

Architectural Products Magazine, Product Wire.  November 1, 2011

Apartment Therapy's Ohdeehoh, Unearthed Paints: A Natural Choice for Nurseries.  December 8, 2011.   

Jetson Green, 20 Green Building Innovations for 2011.  December 27, 2011

Apartment Therapy, Unearthed Paints: Natural Paints, Plasters, and Wood Finishes.  

The Interior Revolution.  December 15, 2011. 

Jetson Green, What's the One Green Product... January 15, 2012

Durability & Design, In the Limelight: 'Vegan' Paint Company Settles of Fresh Vision.  January 25, 2012.

Remodelista, Paints from the Earth.  February 14, 2012.

Product Insider, Product of the Week.  March 11, 2012.

Floor Biz News.  March 6, 2012. 

Jetson Green, No VOC Hard Wax Finish by Unearthed Paints.  March 6, 2012.  

Inhabitat, Unearthed Paints' Hard Wax Oil Finish is an Eco-Friendly Way to Protect Your Floors.  March 9, 2012. 

National Floor Trends, Unearthed Paints Launches Natural Oil Finish.  March 7, 2012. 

Durability & Design, Unearthed Paints Offers Non-Toxic Hard Wax Oil Finish for Wood Floors.  March 8, 2012. 

Materialicious, Unearthed Paints Hard Wax Oil Finish.  

Talk Floor.  March 7, 2012. 

Envirothink, Natural Beauty with Unearthed Paints Products.  March 12, 2012.  

Apartment Therapy, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable & Vegan: Unearthed Paints.  March 14, 2012.