All Unearthed Paints are natural, eco-friendly, and 100% VOC-free.

Unearthed natural paints come in beautiful shades that range from understated to vibrant.  Made with the finest natural ingredients, including reclaimed Italian marble, white porcelain clay, and the earth and mineral pigments from France, Cyprus, and Italy.  Our natural paints and are significantly richer in color, texture, and hue than conventional latex paints.  Unearthed paints have a beautiful matte finish and create inviting spaces with natural elegance.  

We offer a wide selection of products, which includes six types of natural, environmentally friendly paints. In comparison to conventional latex paints, nature does not offer a one-product-fits-all solution.  The selection of your natural paint type should be made with your application in mind. With proper selection, natural paints can easily outlast petrochemical paints.  Please click here to see our Paint Selection Guide.