Tester Paints

Not sure if natural paints are for you?  Want to make sure you have the perfect shade to compliment your decor?  Try a tester paint before you commit to painting your whole house.  We offer tester sizes off our full line of natural paints.   

Unearthed paints are the result of thousands of years of natural paint evolution, and each paint has its own unique aesthetic appeal and performance qualities.  All of our paints 100% VOC-free and are made with fully-disclosed, natural ingredients.  Unlike the conventional zero-VOC paints you find at big box stores, Unearthed paints contain absolutely no petrochemicals, but are made with the highest quality, minimally processed ingredients such as clay, marble, and chalk.  This means that our paints are significantly less energy-intensive to produce than other paints and are also biodegradable.