Naked Floor Hard Wax Oil - pure solid, no-VOC

By Unearthed Paints


Unearthed Naked Floor Hard Wax Oil is a natural floor finish that is highly durable, easy to apply, and contains no VOC’s. 

Application is simple - just roll the Naked Floor Hard Wax Oil onto the floor, wait 20 minutes, and buff it off. One coat and you're done. The oil typically dries within 24 hours, creating minimal interruption in your life or your construction site. See our application video here.

If you like, you can tint your oil with any of our bulk pigments - just stir them in. 

Naked Floor Hard Wax Oil results in a natural, matte finish. If you desire a slightly glossier floor, wipe on our Carnauba Wax two or more days after applying the Hard Wax Oil. 

For cleaning and maintenance of your floors, just use lukewarm water with a little bit of our Carnauba Wax. Please do not use micro fiber pads, as they will slowly take off the oil.

With Unearthed Naked Floor Hard Wax Oil, repairs are easy. You will likely never have to sand your entire floor again. Scratches or worn areas can be spot sanded, and more oil applied at any later date - the new finish will blend right in. This makes floors treated with Unearthed Naked Floor Hard Wax Oil hassle-free and economical to maintain over the years.


We estimate about 420 sq. ft. of coverage per 2.5 liter can and 62 sq. ft. of coverage per 375 ml can. What sets our Hard Wax Oil apart from other oils that get similar coverage out of a much smaller can, is it's liquid form. This creates an easier application process and, more importantly, deeper penetration of the floors, resulting in enhanced durability.  Our unique formulation allows for quick drying times - as little as 24 hours -with no need to mix in any accelerators.  Note: your coverage may vary depending on the floor density - reclaimed woods and fir floors can use significantly more oil.

Full Ingredient Disclosure:

  • Linseed oil
  • Carnauba wax
  • Tung oil
  • Linseed oil -stand oil
  • Tung oil - stand oil
  • Colophonium glycerine ester
  • Lead-free drying agents.


  • Apply to untreated, clean, neutral surface
  • Most surfaces require one coat
  • Room temperature must be at least 50 degrees
  • Long "open" processing time
  • Silky, transparent matte finish that emphasizes the color of the wood
  • Easy spot repair
  • Durable, dirt and water repellent
  • Not recommended for humid rooms 
  • Use our Carnauba Wax Emulsion to help maintain your floors

SAFETY WARNING!  Cloths containing Hard Wax Oil can self-ignite.  Allow drenched cloths to dry in a fire-safe location such as  a closed, fire-proof container (glass or tin can). Ensure that Hard Wax Oil does not come into contact with porous or absorbent insulation materials, and never pour Hard Wax Oil onto a floor because there is a risk that it could seep into insulation material and self ignite.   

For more on application + care click here

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