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Unearthed plasters are all natural lime plasters that allow you to achieve some of the most creative and elegant finishes available. 

We do not offer the traditional clay-based plasters because lime is a much stronger binder that is significantly less prone to cracking and mildewing.  Unearthed Lime Plasters are durable, water-resistant, and naturally suitable for humid conditions without the use of chemical fungicides.   We currently carry two kinds of plasters: Venetian Plaster and Smooth Lime Plaster, which can both be tinted with all Unearthed natural earth and mineral pigments (up to 5% by weight) and can be further customized by adding our Mix-Ins, including vermiculite, and muscovite glimmer.  

Like all of our natural paints, Unearthed natural lime plasters are 100% VOC-free and are made with natural, nontoxic ingredients.  

Some previous plastering experience is recommended, however, not totally necessary. We recommend that if you have no past experience in plaster work that you read our application guides and first test out the product on a small sample board. All of our lime plasters are shipped to you as a bag of dry powder.  Just add water and use an electric drill with a stirrer attachment to mix.  Apply with a trowel.

If you are simply trying to achieve the texture and warmth of plaster but have no desire to go through the plastering process, try our Textured Clay Paint, no trowel required- just apply with a paint brush or roller.

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