Unearthed Glass Pearls Mix-In

By Unearthed Paints


Mix Unearthed Glass Pearls into Unearthed Textured Lime Plaster to create unique effects. The glass pearls add depth, sparkle and texture to the plaster wall, which is a stunning surface finish for use as an accent wall or backsplash.  The glass pearls are particularly striking on walls that are illuminated by natural sunlight, which highlights the glass pearls sparkle and brilliance.  Mix in up to one pound of glass pearls per pound of plaster, depending on the look you desire.  Typical usage amount is 5% by weigh (which amounts to one 500 gram package per 10 kg package of Textured Lime Plaster).

*Please note that Glass Pearls cannot be mixed into Smooth Lime Plaster or Stucco Fine because the depth of the glass pearls requires a thicker layer of plaster than can be achieved with those plasters. 

Available in amber, ruby red, light green and light blue. 500 gram per package.

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