Plant Glue Paint - 1 gallon

Based on traditional distemper recipes, Plant Glue Paint is the most economical choice for low traffic areas, producing a breathable finish that contributes to a positive room climate, in addition to being made with natural, non-toxic ingredients and 100% VOC-free. What's the catch? Plant Glue Paint can easily be washed off the wall again. This is often desired for historic properties, where layers and layers of paint would otherwise hide the intricate Stucco work.  For walls that will stay dry, Plant Glue Paint is a very economical and ecological choice. Available in natural white, which can be tinted with any of the available earth and mineral pigments.   Unearthed Plant Glue Paint received the highest rating of "very good" by the German environmental magazine, Oko Test, which was based on its performance and sustainability (under the name Kreidezeit).  


Comes in natural white, which can be tinted (up to 10% by weight) with any of the earth and mineral pigments from our bulk pigments page.  To keep the cost of this product low, we do not offer Plant Glue Paint prepackaged with color pigments. 

All Unearthed natural paints, including Plant Glue Paint, are: 

         100% zero-VOC

         Made with minimally processed, natural ingredients

         Vegan- contain no animal products are never tested on animals 

         Shipped via carbon-offset transport 

         Manufactured in a carbon-neutral facility

         Accompanied by our Rainforest Pledge


         Accompanied by a full ingredient disclosure 


Click here for a pdf of our Plant Glue Paint colors.  Tinted with earth and mineral pigments.  You can also create your own unique colors by blending earth and mineral pigments (you can add up to 10% of pigments by dry weight, i.e. up to 250 grams per gallon). 


Typical coverage of one gallon is 230 square feet, per coat.  (Coverage will vary depending on surface.)  Best results are generally achieved with two coats. 

How To Use: 

Ships as a dry, white powder.  Add water and mix with a paint stirrer attachment for an electric drill or a hand held kitchen mixer.  If you want tinted paint, just mix in powdered pigments.  Dissolve the pigments in water and then stir into the paint using a paint stirrer attachment for an electric drill or a handheld kitchen mixer.  Allow the liquid paint to rest for at least 1 hour (optimal results are achieved by allowing the paint to sit for 24 hours).  After resting, stir thoroughly once more and apply.  Plant Glue Paint can be applied with a roller, brush, or airless spray gun. Once mixed, Plant Glue Paint should be used within 2 weeks (optimum is within 3 days) as it contains no chemical preservatives and will spoil if not applied.

Please click here to download the detailed product description and application guide. This product guide is also located inside all Plant Glue Paint packages.

We recommend priming highly absorbent surfaces (such as new drywall) and surfaces with varying levels of absorbency with Vega Primer.  


Chalk, marble flour, kaoline, methyl cellulose - and that’s it!
Plant Glue Paint - 1 gallon